Service Requests

Reviewing Service Requests

You may be asked to review a Service Request. Here's an overview of what to do and how to contribute to the process.

What to Do

When you are asked to review a Service Request, you are making a business decision for your company about whether this Service Request is appropriate for the user and whether it meets your company's requirements.

When you receive a Review Request, you'll see a big "Review" button. Clicking this button will take you to a page where you can review the Service Request. From there you can view a summary of the Service Request, and you can also suggest changes to the Service Request by leaving a comment.


If you decide to approve the Service Request, click the Approve button. Your decision will be recorded. Other people may also have to approve before the Service Request is ultimately approved.


If you decide to reject the Service Request, click the Reject button. While not required, you may choose to leave a brief message explaining your reasoning so that the user can understand why they were rejected. This may help them to create a more appropriate request in the future.

Depending on the policy in place for this Service Request, the Service Request may be eventually approved, even if you voted to reject it. Or, your rejection may cause the Service Request to be immediately rejected. You have no way of knowing at the time you cast your vote.

Review Request notifications

If you receive a Review Request notification but fail to record a decision, you will continue to receive notifications until you respond. The frequency of these notifications is determined by your organization. Please respond as quickly as possible to Review Requests in order to not delay a user's resource request.

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