Service Requests


Service Requests are created by users when they want to request new resources from IT. They are assigned a policy that determines how they are handled.

About Service Requests

When a user needs a new virtual machine for a project, or wants to create a new distribution group in email, they can create a Service Request. Depending on the policy assigned to the Service Request, the Concierge system will either automatically approve the request, or begin an approval process.

Once the Service Request has been approved, it becomes available to the IT department to deploy. Once the Service Resources in the request have been deployed, they are made available to the requesting user. At this point, IT has a record of the Service Request and the resources that were provisioned.

Often, the Service Resouces requested by a user are not permanant. They may only be used for a certain period of time. The Service Request ensures that these resources are not "forgotten" when the user no longer needs them by requiring them to be renewed.

At renewal time, the user can choose to keep the resources or to release them. Should they choose to keep them, Concierge can host an approval process if required by the policy. If the user chooses to release the resources, Concierge will alert the IT department that it can delete them.

Common Properties

A Service Request has the following properties:

  • Name: The name which will identify the Service Request.
  • Lifetime: The lifetime of the Service Request requested by the user. This lifetime may be altered, depending on the policy assigned to the Service Request.
  • Status: Initially, the status options are "Draft" and "Ready to Submit". When the user chooses "Ready to Submit", it will be assigned a policy and will begin any approval process.
  • Requested by Date: The user can add a requested by date if there is some urgency associated with the request.