Service Lifetimes

You can control the lifetime of Service Requests through policies.

Service lifetimes

In most cases, you will want to specify, or limit, the lifetime of a Service Request. For example, if you have a policy that requires a Service Request to be renewed within a certain amount of time, you can ensure that the Service Resources are still needed and in use. Resources that are still needed can be renewed by their owners.

Specific Service Request lifetimes

Using this option, you can set the maximum lifetime of the Service Resources within a request. A user can always create a Service Request with a lifetime shorter than this maximum, but they cannot exceed this value.

Lifetimes may not be immediately known

Policies are applied to Service Requests once they are submitted. So, a user may not know the maximum lifetime of their Service Request at the time that they create it.

Once a Service Request has been submitted and a policy has been chosen, the lifetime will be applied. The lifetime can always be overridden by an administrator, or the user can perform the standard renewal process as needed.

Unlimited Service Request lifetimes

The specific policy chosen can also allow for unlimited Service Request lifetimes. This is useful if you want to allow users to create Service Requests with no expiration date.

Use this setting sparingly, as you may have no way of having the user regularly validate that a Service Request is still needed.