Policies are the primary tool that you can use to automate your resource provisioning system. They provide the rules that will govern how Service Requests are handled over their lifetime.

About Policies

A policy contains a set of rules that will be applied to a Service Request. Policies are evaluated in order, and the first policy that matches will be used. You can also manually apply a policy to a Service Request or to a user. That way, any Service Requests created by that user will follow the assigned policy.

Not every organization needs policies. If your organization does not need a formal approval process for resource provisioning, you might just use the standard policy. By default, Concierge will use a simple, default policy that will allow you to provision and manage resources without any rules. As your organizational needs change, you can also create your own policies to customize how your resources are provisioned.

Policy properties

A policy may contain the following properties:

Getting started