Admin Topics

Concierge Administration Settings

Learn about the settings you can configure for Concierge.


The Settings page allows you to configure the following settings for your Concierge account:

  • Account name and other account details
  • The locations where users will host resources
  • The default notification settings for your account
  • Your integration with Azure Active Directory

Account Details

On this tab, you can change the name of your account, and provide a logo for your organization. Neither of these are significant, but will be used in the Concierge UI to help your users feel more at home.

In addition, you can choose the default culture for your account. This will be used primarily for reports.

If you are a trial account, you'll find the expiration date for your trial on this tab.

Also, if you hold the "AccountOwner" role, you can permanently delete your account by clicking the Delete Account button and confirming.


On this tab, you can configure the locations where your users will host service resources. You can add as many locations as you like and locations can be either on-premises or associated with a cloud service provider.


You can set the default notification settings for your organization here. However, these settings can be set on a per-policy basis as well.

  • Review reminders: How often should Concierge remind users about outstanding service requests? Default: every 2 days.
  • Service request expiration reminders. Concierge will remind users up to 3 times about service requests that are about to expire. You can set the notification intervals. Default: 14 days, 7 days, 3 days.

Azure Active Directory

Concierge can be integrated with Azure Active Directory to allow users to sign in with their Azure AD credentials. If you have an Azure AD tenant, you can configure it here. If you do not have an Azure AD tenant, you can create one for free.

By default, Concierge syncs with Azure AD every 48 hours. You can see when the last sync took place.